A Proper Hello

Hello everyone! ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ/


Yesterday Bun and I were talking about this blog and she believed we would be writing more about being queer millennials in Singapore. I’m not entirely sure what that means yet, but I guess we will be sharing a lot about our real lives. Therefore, it calls for a more proper introduction and actually sharing about my identity.

So hey, I’m Teddy, aka Bear. I’m a 22-year-old potato today, turning 23 this September. Yes, I’m a beargetable. Bear with it. Though biologically female, I identify as agender. Currently, I’m a part-time bartender, part-time bun-caretaker, full-time student, and an almost-licensed financial consultant. I study psychology (no I don’t read minds), and I’m not sure what to do with my certificates yet. When not working, studying, or writing, I’m probably on the internet and reading or watching videos fed to me. Oh right, I do a little bit of sports too, so there’s that.

Glad we got that covered. Now we move on to questions:

Why did we decide to write about being queer millennials in Singapore?

Answer: To be honest, Bun decided this. To her it’s like a part of Project Coming Out, and through blogging, we hope to reach out to like-minded peers. Being queer is still frowned upon by many in conservative countries. Singapore seems to be opening up gradually to that, but it remains politically conservative. Personally I found it extremely demoralising (though I actually love this article). That said, activists are fighting hard for the rights we want.

I also noticed that most of the LGBTQ-related content that we receive feature very little on the daily lives of how we live or even survive. Don’t get me wrong, while sob stories are how one usually garners concern from the society, excessive sharing of that can get depressing, not to mention it makes us looks pathetic. I think it’d be great for others to hear that there are nice things out there for us too. I mean, we can’t constantly be fighting for rights, right? We have to live our lives too, so here.

What are you writing on Buntato for?

Answer: We want share our thoughts and experiences as a queer couple so you queer babies out there to know that even in Singapore, despite the struggles we face, we can still have our happy endings. As for our straight allies who read this, perhaps this could be a great place to learn about what being a minority in Singapore feels like. But life is more than being queer. It’s safe to say that queer does not wholly define us, so don’t be surprised finding a lot of “unqueer” stuff here as well. Sexuality apart, we hope to cover issues that everyone can somehow relate to. 

So what will you guys be writing about?

Answer: Um, I don’t know. Honestly, I imagine this site to be mostly about us adulting. Let’s face it; it is tough being an adult, but stories on how we overcome or attempt to overcome our challenges are worth the read. Queer or not queer, Bun and I are still learning about being in a relationship, so we’ll be posting things that happened between us and how we grow as a couple.

Where else can I find content made in Singapore with queer representation?

Answer: Hahahaaaaaa. I did my research. Here:


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