New Year Culture Shock

Happy Lunar new year, everyone!  ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ/

So recently bun and I had this fight recently… mainly about me not accepting her parents. But we made up, or I wouldn’t be writing this and posting here.

Now we’re off to see the world together again.

That’s not the point. The point was, during our little spat, bun said something that really got me thinking about things. It didn’t bother me in a negative way so I didn’t see a need to sit down and talk about it. Besides, we just had a fight, do we really want to have such a heated discussion again?

So what bun said was this: Culture and traditions probably mean nothing to you.

And I think it does? But then again, maybe not?

I mean, if you look up the definition of “Culture”, you get countless different definitions. And here’s what Wiki has for “Tradition”: A tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past.

So really, when you think about it, most of misogyny is a tradition. In that case, yes, I hate tradition with a passion. But traditions also refer to the belief that eating fish at the celebration of every lunar new year brings about abundance, or more than enough. And I… hahaha, I don’t know if I believe that, but I like fish. Lastly, traditions also refer to shopping before every new year for new luck so you don’t bring old luck into the new year… or something. Which I sort of do believe in… or not. I’m not sure. Okay, it’s starting to sound like traditions are superstitions.


Oh. They are.

So basically, traditions are like astrology. They mean nothing but they’re fun to keep up with for me. Glad I got that established. Now back to culture, the bigass can full of smallass worms.

From what life has taught me (and that includes the internet), culture is built on history of mankind. Therefore culture is humanity, and humanity is culture. To sum up, yeah, humanity means a lot to me. But that oversimplifies things, doesn’t it? Humanity is divided into so many groups of different kinds of people according to their behaviours, beliefs, abilities, traditions, habits, and everything. Alright, so which group of humanity? Humans are divided in so many ways, by ethnicity, religion, family, class, fandoms, etc. In each of these types of division, one may differ collectively from another. Sounds simple, but as individuals, we are members of a group in every form of division. So if the culture of a certain ethnicity clashes with a culture of a certain class, for example, the individual experiencing this adapts accordingly. They change. And when we meet these individuals, we’ll always experience culture shock, big or small. Even between us, we often experience that.

Humans are always changing, that’s why humanity is always changing, and so is culture.

So I think it’s extremely difficult to simply assume whether one treasures tradition or culture. But I do think it’s important to celebrate Lunar new year with one’s family. Not just because it’s a special occasion we need a holiday to chill, but because if we celebrate the new year in the roman calendar, why not the lunar one? I also believe spending time with one’s family is important. To me it’s an expression of appreciation for those people. And also because if I appreciate them, I enjoy being around them. So, why not? I may not spend Lunar new year in future with my family not because I do not appreciate them, but I may not be able to do so then.

Whatever Lunar new year, culture, or tradition means to you, bun, I want you to spend your future Lunar new year with your family even after we move out together, even if I can’t be with you then. (Wait, are you even expecting me to? Cause I wanna :C) It scares me to think that even if I open myself to accepting and appreciating them (whatever that means), these feelings may not be reciprocated. So I won’t. I’ll just have to accept that they made you who you are, and they are a part of you.

PS: Doesn’t the title sound cool? I had no idea what I was writing when I titled this document and where I was going with it. Yes, it’s totally cool.

Baibai~   ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ/


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