Introduction and Musings of a Bear

Hello, I’m Teddy! ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ/ Aaaand yes, that’ll be what I’ll sign off with. Any other signature or the lack thereof means it’s bun writing. Yes, bun, it’s mine now.

I thought long and hard on how to introduce myself so I decided to talk about introductions instead.

Have you ever felt this lost feeling whenever asked to introduce yourself? Imagine you just joined a new group of people. You’re asked to introduce yourself during the meeting. What do you say? Some people give you some starters, and that can be great sometimes, sometimes not. Sometimes it goes like this, “Tell us your name, age, and interests.” And in my experience, “Please tell us your name, age, where you studied, what was your previous occupation, why you chose to join us, and why you think this place is better than where you were previously working as.”


Regardless, it always feels awkward introducing myself. Psychologists could attribute this to countless factors like, “Oh, it could be you have a low self-esteem, which leads to you not feeling comfortable talking about yourself. Or perhaps it’s a cultural thing. White people feel less of that. Raised valuing individualism more, they grow up focusing a lot on the development of themselves, so there’s constant reflection and talking about the self, blah blah blah.” Well, they’re not wrong. But thing about psychological research is that most are conducted quantitatively. So what? This tends to undermine the individual differences (ie: everyone’s unique experience, genes, personality) to gather the commonality for generalizable results. What bun and I aim to do with this blog here is to share our individual experiences. We want to document our developments as individuals and a couple in our own time, so you could say this blog is a qualitative report. Use it for your research as evidence if you want. Just remember to consent and credit. 😉 Actually, please don’t use it for research.

Okay, I digressed (prepare yourself, I do that a lot). So here’s my experience!

When asked to introduce myself, it activates anything related to my identity, and that is a lot of things, which leads to me filtering them out one by one. What’s relevant, what’s not? Is this important, or maybe that? Are these even true? Wait, is my mental introduction too long now? Have I exceeded the socially appropriate time given for someone to introduce themselves? Do I speak faster or cut down more? Will they understand what I’m saying, or do I have to explain some myself? What consequences of sharing this particular information might I face? Feels like I’m writing an essay and expected to remember it all in two seconds before I stand up and introduce myself… cue five minutes of stuttering mess.

So… I hope this was a satisfactory introduction (smart ayyyyyyeeee?). Ciao ciao!  ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ/


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